OSTI Makes Science Accelerator Available

The Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), U. S. Department of Energy, developed and maintains the Science Accelerator, which searches multiple science resources using a single query. These resources reside in the deep Web where popular search engines do not go.

Using the Science Accelerator, you can search collections of DOE research results, project descriptions, and accomplishments. These collections enable you to find out about ongoing research projects, explore significant DOE discoveries, learn about DOE Nobel Prize Winners, access and search scientific e-prints, locate science conference papers and proceedings, and more.

Sharing scientific and technical information is integral to OSTI's mission. OSTI provides access to a wealth of energy, science, and technology research and development information from the Manhattan Project to the present.

Through its collections and services, OSTI makes DOE research results available to scientists, researchers, engineers, academia, the international science community, and science attentive citizens.

DOE Science Accelerator concept booklet (655-KB PDF)

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Date Modified: 06/11/2009